Course: Human Population Genetic Analyses

16-Aug-2010 - 20-Aug-2010

PhD Course in Human Population Genetic Analyses (5 ECTS)
Date: August 16 -20, 2010, Dept. of Biology, University of Copenhagen,
Copenhagen, Denmark.

Instructors: Andrew G. Clark, John Wakeley, Paul Joyce, Rasmus
Nielsen, Ida Moltke, Anders Albrechtsen and Line Skotte.

This course provides a one-week comprehensive introduction to a number
of topics and common research tools used in analyses of human
population genetic data. Topics include: genetic drift, coalescence
theory, natural selection, population structure, human disease and
evolution, linkage disequilibrium, association mapping, genomic
control, detecting epistatic interactions, haplotype structure, IBD
mapping, admixture mapping, genotyping data, re-sequencing data,
HapMap data, 1000 genomes project, online resources.

The fee for the course is 1800 DKK (approx. US $550). The course is
free for PhD students at the following Danish universities: KU, AU,
AUC, KVL/LIFE, SDU and DTU. The fee does not include food and
accommodation.For sign up and questions, please email: