ICREA Conference on the Origin and Early Evolution of Metazoans

24-Oct-2008 - 25-Oct-2008

The emergence of multicellular animals (Metazoa) from their single-celled protists ancestors and the early evolution of Metazoa remain major unsolved biological questions. Several fields of research, from systematics to comparative developmental biology, genomics or paleobiology, are yielding new data crucial for understanding these pivotal evolutionary events.

This two-day symposium, to be held in Barcelona and fully sponsored by ICREA (Instituciˇ Catalana de Recerca i Estudis Avanšats), will bring together a group of internationally renowned experts from a diversity of disciplines. The goal is double: to evaluate the importance of the data being generated in these different fields and to provide insights into the problem of the origin and early evolution of Metazoa.

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