Genetic Manipulation of Pest Species: Ecological and Social Challenges

04-Mar-2009 - 06-Mar-2009

In the past 10 years major advances have been made in our ability to build transgenic pest strains that are conditionally sterile, harbor selfish genetic elements, and express anti-pathogen genes. Strategies are being developed that involve release into the environment of transgenic pest strains with such characteristics. These releases could provide more environmentally benign pest management, more effective control of human diseases such as malaria, and could save endangered species. However, steps must be taken to insure that this is the case and that there are no significant health or environmental risks associated with releases. Some of the most important risks are associated with evolution of traits in the insect pest or the human pathogen that counter gene-drive through the pest population or enable pathogens to survive in face of transgenes developed to suppress them. Our conference will foster discussion of risks and benefits of these technologies among scientists, policy makers, and citizens

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