Evolutionary Genetics - the impact of next generation sequencing technologies

02-Apr-2009 - 04-Apr-2009

confirmed speakers include: Christian Schlötterer, Vienna; Philip Rosenstiel, Kiel; Michael Hofreiter, Leipzig; Christopher Wheat, Helsinki; Jan Korbel, Heidelberg; Yun Song, Berkeley; Frank Chan, Stanford; Tina Harr, Chicago/Plön; Philip Johnson, Berkeley

The workshop is aimed at advanced PhD students, postdocs and established scientists in the field. It includes lectures by international speakers and discussion rounds. One goal of the meeting is to identify the specific challenges that arise in the context of the huge amount of data that can be expected from next generation sequencing projects. A second goal is to identify authors for a special volume of Molecular Ecology with the working title "Next generation molecular ecology" which is planned to cover application of high throughput sequencing techniques for ecological and evolutionary questions (to be published in 2009 ).

Organization: Diethard Tautz (MPI for evolutionary Biology, Plön) and Wolfgang Stephan (University of Munich)
Participation fee 200 euro (includes accomodation and meals), limited to 60 participants. If you are interested, please send an email to:
to get further details.