Topics in Computational Biology

08-Sep-2008 - 12-Sep-2008

This is a one week course (8-12.9.2008) taught by Istvan Miklos and Jotun Hein in Budapest, Hungary. It is aimed a researchers/students with a strong quantitative background (mathematics, physics, statistics, computer
science,Š) that wants an overview of computational biology with a wish to do
research in the area. Each day is devoted to a topic. Each day has 2 90 minutes lectures, 1 90 minutes computer practical and ends with a 90
minute presentation/criticism/discussion of two projects one practical (data analysis) and one theoretical. Examples of projects can be found at, the set of projects will be expanded before September. Preparation of the project discussion will take 4-8 hours preparation. Beyond this the course should be self-contained.

The 5 days course should give an overview of computational biology at present and outline problems suited for research projects. If you are interested in attending send an email to Jotun Hein and Istvan Miklos with a CV and description of your research interest. The attendee list will be finalized August 1st.
There will be computer practicalıs, but you must bring your own laptop.

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