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Fossil teeth, Denisova Cave: John Hawks

Four skulls: Smithsonian Human Origins Project

Homo_erectus_Daka_Ethiopia: Henry Gilbert and Kathy Schick, This restoration is based on evidence from the Daka Member, Ethiopia. The photo in the background is from a gallery forest on the Kebena River, a tributary of the modern Awash River. The squatting posture is based on femoral anteversion frequent in Homo erectus. The hand ax is African latest early or early middle Acheulean. The bovid in the background is Nitidarcus asfawi from the Daka Member. The cranial shape is based on BOU-VP-2-66, the Daka Calvaria.

Homo_floresiensis_cave: Cave where the remainings of Homo floresiensis where discovered in 2003, Lian Bua, Flores, Indonesia [2007]. Rosino

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