A High Altitude Resource

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This site contains general information about high altitude as well as tutorials and calculators to explore the impact of pressure and oxygen on the human body.

The High-Altitude Peoples, Three Adaptations to Thin Air

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Hillary Mayell, National Geographic, February 25, 2004

The Center for Research on Tibet

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Includes papers by Dr. Beall on Tibetan adaptations to high altitude, as well as information about Tibetan culture.

Biologists ID Molecular Basis of High-altitude Adaptation in Mice

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Science Daily, August 15, 2009

Rupert, J.L., Hockachka, P.W. 2001. Genetic approaches to understanding human adaptation to altitude in the Andes. Journal of Experimental Biology 204:31512-3160

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This accessible review focuses on the research approaches to understanding evolution of high altitude adaptation including heritability studies, migration, co-segregation of polygenic traits, association analysis.

Hypoxia and adaptation to altitude: Reading between the Genes

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This podcast covers the human temporary acclimatization and evolutionary adaptation to high altitudes. Cynthia Beall is featured. Also available in Spanish.